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Unfortunately, due to the way's search function works, I can't link directly to the book. Working out how to get round this is on the roadmap.

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WARNING: This will link to Amazon. You can use it, but I'd advise against it as Amazon is bad for small businesses, the planet, and their employees.

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If the links are not working (you keep getting error pages) →

Unfortunately, a small number of Amazon links don't work as there is not sufficient information in the URL to determine the Book's information. If the output links don't work, you'll have to try a different method.

1. Go to the top of the page and click the 'Search by ISBN' button.

2. Go to your Amazon page, and go to the book info section and scroll along until you get to the ISBNs.

3. Copy either the ISBN 10 or the ISBN 13.

4. Go back to BookInfo and enter the ISBN.

Why doesn't my link work? →

Some links from Amazon only point to Amazon product numbers, rather than book information. Unfortunately, my code currently can't get enough information from these links. Working on this is on the roadmap. You can tell in advance if this will be the case, as these URLs don't contain the /dp/ part.

Please report any bugs, give suggestions, and provide feedback at r/LordGnomeMBE (use this method for fastest response).

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